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3700 Steeles Ave. West
Toronto, ON L4L 8K8

Services To Investors

  • Professional investment financing guidance

    Working together with one of a very successful financial specialist in North America – Anthony Conento and Boris will provide professional investment financing guidance, advice with respect to legal registration of the investment property.

  • Understanding of the local investment market

    With respect to Investment property sales representation, Boris has a thorough understanding of the commercial real estate market. Boris is knowledgeable and experienced in area such as the local investment market, rent analysis, financing, market forces of supply and demand, current lease rates, and much more.

  • Understanding of property type

    Boris offers current market knowledge and expertise to facilitate a complete understanding of each property type from an operating view as well as from the investor’s perspective.

  • Tracking market data

    Due to the rise and fall of investors yield requirements within financial markets, Boris tracks market data to better comprehend the local investment real estate market and aid investors in ultimately maximizing their investment needs and goals.

  • Reconstruction and remodelling strategies

    Boris will discuss as well as suggest reconstruction as well as remodelling strategies of the investment property which will aid in the increase of future potential (renting, leasing, office space, etc.). as well as provide assistance in obtaining all the required official permits and licenses with respect to the investment property.

  • Realization of the planned investment

    Boris is dedicated to first determine the type of real estate investment that would suit the clients needs. He will discuss and create the realization of the planned investment in real estate, taking into consideration the potential growth of invested capital.

  • Assistance to Non-Canadian residents

    Boris provides assistance to Non-Canadian residents who currently do not hold permanent residence status in Canada) for investment purposes to pursue their consideration of profitable capital investments in the Canadian Real Estate market.

  • Assisting investors in making the right choice

    Boris is dedicated to assisting investors in making the right choice with respect to the purchase of land and takes into consideration all aspects that could directly affect the future growth of investment, the possible construction of infrastructure in the surrounding area (such as transportation, shopping malls, schools, etc.)

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