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3700 Steeles Ave. West
Toronto, ON L4L 8K8

Services For Buyers

  • Purchasing process

    Clients will be carefully educated with respect to the home purchasing process. I will locate suitable properties for Buyers through an extensive computer database and limit the properties to those of interest to the particular clients needs and specifications. Arrangements for viewing selected properties will be made through a careful selection process of all properties currently on the market.

  • Pricing strategies

    Aid Buyers in the determination of pricing strategies by preparing a current competitive market analysis of properties in the area at the time of purchase. Aid in the selection of various housing options and their initial evaluation, according to each client's particular interests and needs.

  • Negotiations

    I will negotiate the purchase agreement and, in doing so, represent your best interests as well as participate in all negotiations with Sellers as your representative. Once negotiated I will be responsible for ensuring that the financial as well as legal registration of all documentation pertaining to the purchase is completed efficiently.

  • Real estate related purchase services

    I will provide information about the availability of real estate related purchase services, such as appraisals, home inspections, legal, surveys, status certificates, contracting and / or other services. I will arrange a qualified home inspection for the property you decide to purchase for the purpose of determining current and future expected or required renovations of the property.

  • Financing guidance

    He will provide professional financing guidance as well as arrange mortgage pre-approvals. They will aid in the development of a credit history as well as address any financial challenges that may arise in the event of a low-down payment. Together they will provide assistance in obtaining secured financing at the most competitive interest rates in the industry.

  • Real estate for Non-Canadian residents

    Boris also specializes in providing assistance in purchasing real estate for Non-Canadian residents.

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